Harvest time

Harvest Time

The grain doeth wait for harvest time
As doeth the apple in the orchard:
They know that they have come to go.

From grain the seed is taken,
The circle thus completed:
The womb of winter beareth the spring.

Do not fear the reaper,
The scythe is sharp
His hand is sure –
So do not fear the reaper
For the reaper cannot keep ye.

Let go, friend, all thy sorrows
And cease that fruitless mourning:
Thou knowest that thou hast come to go.

Do not fear•

But harvest can´t be hurried,
For unripe fruit ´s rejected:
Don´t waste thy summer time, soon passed.

{Musik: Jörg Schlichting, 1997 u. Anne Hoeltzenbein, 2010,
Text: J. Schlichting, 1997}

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