Bleak Lady

Oh Lady, bleak Lady, I cannot forget thee
Though once, only once, I have met thee
By the brink of the brooding moor
Where the angels don’t tread.

Oh boy, oh my sweet boy, thou didst not hear my warning
For I am not mortal, I bring woe…
Once I brought death for a loving man. -
This I have to repeat.

Oh Lady, oh bleak Lady, why were thine eyes glist’ning so sad?
I perceived thee beckoning me closer
- or did thou send me away?

Oh boy, oh you mere child, if thou comest too close to me
Nothing could save thee: I am cursed.
To the brink of the brooding moor
Now my love shall leave me.

Belovéd, belovéd, I couldn’t forget thee
though once, only once we have met here.
For the heat of our burning love
No two angels roam free…

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